The one who doesn’t have the courage to dream will have no strength to fight – Paul Michael Zulehner (image #1)

If the formal matters such as “Hi, My name is …” are already out of the way, I will answer your most frequently asked question, that is: Where did you get the money from, man? And my favorites: Who have you robbed? Well, I haven’t stolen anything from anyone because I don’t know how to steal – seriously, I even tried to steal a Sneakers bar once, but even that didn’t work out. Everything I have, I owe to my work, preparation, and a bit of luck, so I want to tell you how I made a lot of money. Everything is hidden behind one word – investment, which is only one of my sources of income. 

All right, so what is investing?

 Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets – Philip Wylie (image #2)

When you type “What does investing mean?” in Google, you will get plenty of pages on it, so there’s no point in me rewriting the rules, definitions, etc… It is a lot better for me to write what it is to invest and how to start investing.

Adam, I found tickets to Japan for less than 2,000 PLN both ways; what do you say? – This is the question I once got from my friend Michal, who is also a traveler. Japan is a country that I have always wanted to visit, but I never had the money to do it. Neither did I then, but I decided I had to fly, and that’s it. Back then, I didn’t know what investing is, so Provident cash loans were my last resort. I took a loan, bought tickets, and flew, it was beautiful, and I have no regrets. Well, unfortunately, the debt stayed. My company was still crawling financially, and at that time, to pay it off, I was looking for an additional income source. Monika, my fiancée, a fan of DiCaprio, laughed and advised me to find out how we could invest money and make big millions after watching “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It was a joke to her and an inspiration to me.

What is investing? A way to make more or less money. Everything is up to your preparation. Imagine that our friend is starting a company and wants to borrow some money to start it up. Giving him this money, in return, he attributes a small part of his business to you. When he works on business development, we follow his actions. If he grows more potent, gains regular customers, and strengthens his position on the market, then part of the company we bought from him will acquire value. By selling it, we will recover the money we borrowed and gain a surplus of it.  Having additional funds, we can help another friend, who also has a potential for development, to start a business.

Now you know why investing is worthwhile, but also remember about the timing to invest

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. – Demosthenes (image #3)

This quotation is a bit pathetic, yet I think it explains the idea of investing well. Is it worth to invest? For me, it’s a way to earn extra money, not the primary source of income. My company is developing well, and I’m not complaining. Still, everyone likes to have the so-called extra cash. I’m not interested in cars, expensive hotels, prestige, and clutter, but in traveling. Together with Monika, we love to fly and visit strange places. However, I’m trying to be a responsible guy of my age, so I don’t spend all the company’s income. Therefore, investing turned out to be the ideal solution. 

Everything sounds fantastic, but before you throw your last money at the market, find out when to invest. Let’s go back to my story. So Monica made a joke about this Wolf, but it screwed me up. I started reading about investing, finding out when to invest in the stock market, and when to invest in gold. I was preparing myself because I felt that it would be useful. When my company generated more income, I could either pay back ¾ of the loan or -invest. I invested. I already knew which company was growing gradually. So I threw my money on the market and – I did it! I made a profit! Thanks to that, not only did I pay off the debt, but I also managed to keep some. Now, answering your question, When to invest? Once you are ready, once you have some knowledge and money put aside.

Investing smart, that is, what to invest in

If you want to be rich, learn not only to make but also how to manage money. (image #4)

I don’t know who wrote this quote, but I think it is brilliant. If you want to make money from investing, you need to know what to invest in and how to be smart about it. How can we invest money? The choice we have is quite substantial because we can invest:

  • in the stock market
  • in gold
  • in shares
  • in currencies
  • in real estate
  • in funds
  • in works of art or objects of high value
  • through binary options
  • forex trading

Well, there’s a fair bit of possibilities, so we have a lot to choose from. But before we choose a destination, it’s worth knowing how to invest in ourselves? Primarily it is about development. Without deepening our knowledge and tracking the market, we can make a wrong decision that will cause us trouble. I remember one of those.

One of my further acquaintances found out that I was investing and was very keen to advise me. He gave me a tip according to which a particular company would begin to develop quickly. I didn’t follow this company’s history, but he encouraged me to invest everything I have in it. I am not a specialist in investments, but I have my brain. I didn’t follow through with the investment. I just followed the business. It turned out that this golden shot turned out to be a total disappointment because the company suddenly went bankrupt. If I had listened to my friend, I would be a miserable, poor man right now.

Smart investing is the main answer to how to invest. Grow, learn, and check. You don’t have to be a broker right away, but it would be good to know what you are doing.

Investing without any secrets, namely investing vs. risk

Making mistakes is the privilege of philosophers, but only fools are never wrong – Socrates (image #5)

Yeah, I also lost money through investment. I’m not hiding it. There were a few investments that, despite my preparation and tracking, didn’t work out. I remember how …

There was quite a lot of confusion on the market in connection with the presidential election. Trump is the boss in earning millions, but he’s a terrible mouthpiece. For some time, as a result of his statements, there was quite a mess in the market. At that time, I was observing some assets that were gaining on Trump’s chatterbox. I didn’t know them well, but I took a risk and focused on their development. Unfortunately, Trumpo changed the front, which made the company in which I invested lost value. I sunk a little bit of money, but thanks to that, I learned that, first of all, you have to keep a better eye on the market, and secondly, politicians are talking a lot of horseshit. I sunk a little bit of money, but thanks to that, I learned that, first of all, you have to keep a better eye on the market; secondly, politicians talk is total horseshit.

I’m not going to lie to you. Investing is a risk; that’s why I talk so much about preparing and invest smartly. There is also no need to be discouraged after the very first hundred you lost, as you can learn a valuable lesson from it.

Investing or saving, that is, how to look into the future

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for – Grace Murray Hopper (image #6)

Your money is like this ship. You can keep it in a sock, under the bed, or buried in the yeard. I won’t persuade you to invest, since you have to answer the question yourself – to invest or to save? Just know that …

Like a mantra, every book about marketing repeats itself: money must be on the move. Why? If you choose to hold a tenner or turn it into a hundred, what do you prefer? Sooner or later, you will spend that ten, and you’ll have nothing of it. If you throw the ten in motion, you will have a hundred. That’s how it spins, so simply save or invest.

Yes, I’ve done my job, and it’s a lot for the first entry. What’s an essential thing in all this? Your knowledge and awareness are essential. Before you throw money in motion, find out what it is precisely to invest, what to invest in, and when to invest. Analyze, check, research, learn, write notes, and think. That’s all. A lot, seemingly little, depends on whom. Ok, that’s it. Take care! 


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