Recent entries have been focused on issues such as what investing is and why it is worth investing. This time we will discuss a slightly lighter topic that I feel close to — working on the Internet, which is one of my favourite ways of living. We will discuss what earning on-line is, how to do it, and how to invest money on-line. A bit of knowledge and some inspiration.

A Modern Work Tool, or How to Earn Money On-line?

Science fiction won’t stay fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet — Vinton Cerf

I was born in 1984, so I remember the times when letters were sent at the post office, when people looked for jobs in the newspaper, and to watch cartoons you needed to visit a friend whose parents had cable TV. This is what the ‘90s looked like. A little later, the 21st century brought mobile phones and the Internet, and a breakthrough with them. Although I am not a fan of living on facebook, taking photos of my meals on instagram and looking for a wife on tinder, I am happy with these changes. Access to the Internet gave many young and creative people a chance to learn how to make money on-line. Many of them used the methods mentioned below.

You can find them on websites, mailboxes, social media and wherever you are — Internet advertisements. They can be annoying, but they are also a source of income for many agile people. If you want to earn money on advertising on the Internet, just establish cooperation with one of the partner programs and carry out the tasks received. They usually include clicking on ads, filling in surveys, making a purchase in selected stores, reading e-mails and playing games. The work is neither difficult nor time-consuming, and you can earn from GBP 50 to GBP 500 doing it.

Another way is on-line tutoring, which is an alternative for educators and teachers. All you need to do is to establish cooperation with a tutoring company and register on their platform, and then your agents will start looking for your future students. We can conduct such classes both live and on-line.

The internet is like a tide. It’ll flood the computer industry and other ones, drowning those who don’t learn to swim in it –– Bill Gates.

The Internet also came to the rescue of freelance photographers who can sell the rights to use their photos to photo agencies. The most important thing is that the photos are original and of high quality as the price depends on it.

There are several other ways to make money on-line, such as being a freelancer, file uploading, allegro, social media. Let’s focus on one of my favourite ways, though –– on-line investing.

Modern Investments –– On-line Investing

There is nothing more powerful than an idea which time has come –– Don Tapscott

In fact, on-line investing is nothing but internet investing. A way that lets you stay at home instead of visiting the stock exchange. You only need to register on the investment platform, have funds on your account and constant access to the Internet. How does it look like?

Example: Before I made my first money investing, I spent a lot of time learning about investments, the market and the stock exchange. When I felt that I was ready, I contacted one of the brokerage houses to find out the exact rules of cooperation. Having learned all information, completed the registration process, created an account and transferred funds, I was able to start working. Now I am sure that investing in the Internet is convenient, practical and simple but I will write about how to invest in the Internet in a separate post.

Working on the Internet –– Advantages and Disadvantages

When you read this text you might think that working on the Internet is considered to be ground breaking and posh. Easy, when you start working on-line, you will quickly find out that earning money this way is as common as any other job. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

  • Time saving –– when working remotely you do not have to visit numerous offices and institutions, waste time queueing, stuck in traffic jams or waiting for the bus. You just turn on your computer, log in to the platform and you’re ready to go.
  • Unlimited hours –– it is up to you when you start and finish working. Being regular in performing tasks is the key.
  • Saving money –– by staying home you don’t have to spend a lot on petrol, tickets and commuting.


  • Junk contracts — the lack of constant control over an employee means that Internet employers usually offer specific task contracts. Some find it an advantage, some –– a disadvantage.
  • Laziness — a threat to the undisciplined. If you don’t have to get up for work at 6:30 a.m., over time, you’ll start getting up at 7 a.m., then at 8, 9, 11 a.m., and eventually, at noon.
  • No social contact with co-workers, which may bother outgoing people.
  • Lack of direct contact with the supervisor, which makes it impossible to consult and ask for advice. Well, you can still call your boss but it’s not the same thing.

Working on the Internet is an opportunity to earn by clicking on advertisements, filling out surveys, tutoring, blogging and creating social media. More or less creative activities performed from home. Anyone can do it as soon as they learn its rules. I chose investing and don’t regret it. When I became a president, only physics experts had heard of the World Wide Web. Now, even my cat has its own websiteBill Clinton


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